Thursday, January 19, 2012

House Hunters Shanghai

Since we were too late to actually audition for the HGTV show, we will instead show you our top three apartments and allow you to guess which one we went with.

Apartment One - Nanyang Seasons Court
This apartment was a two bedroom, two bathroom boutique apartment in the French Concession section of Shanghai. It was located about an hour from Matt's office and 15 minutes from the metro. It featured an updated interior, indoor laundry (unusual for Shanghai), and a wrap around balcony. Included in the rent was twice weekly maid service. 





Apartment Two - Park View Court
The second apartment was a three bedroom, two bathroom unit. It had a beautiful view of Longhua Temple as well as the surrounding Longhua park. This apartment had a great kitchen, was about 50 minutes to work for Matthew, and was 5-10 minutes from the metro line. Park View also offers twice a week maid service. 

Apartment Three - Shama
The final apartment was a three bedroom, two bathroom unit located on the 27th floor of a high rise. It is located in Xujiahui, about 45 minutes from Matthew's office. It is 5 minutes walk to the metro as well as the international grocery store and local gym. This apartment is the most like a hotel, with daily breakfast and daily maid service. 


Which did we go with?
Apartment 1-Smaller but stylish
Apartment 2-Updated but inconvenient
Apartment 3-Hotel-like high rise


  1. I also think you picked #3. Good luck on the trip with your kitty!

  2. I love the House Hunters inspired display! I am going to guess #3, but really they all look great. I can't wait to follow your blog and hear all about your adventure:)

  3. They just kept getting nicer as I scrolled down! Gonna go with #2 but I don't think you could go wrong with any of them!


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