Thursday, February 9, 2012

Losing a Day

Kristin and I (and more importantly our cat Snowball) have arrived safely in Shanghai. Our travel day started 4am Tuesday EST Feb 7th and finished 4pm Shanghai time Feb 8th. That works out to 36 hours and 13 of which is the time difference. Everything went remarkably smoothly.

Snowball tolerated all the travel very well and we managed to get her some breaks out of the carrier during our layover in Toronto. Once we were onboard the final flight to Shanghai I would also sneak her into the airplane restroom for some stretch breaks on the baby changing table. Most of the time she curled up and watched the world pass by from the safety of our carrier. It was not until half way through the flight that our flight attendants even realized we had a cat with us, but once they did Snowball was checked on more than we were.

Once we got to Shanghai, we had our driver and pet import consultant waiting for us. Snowball has to go off to quarantine for a week while we went to a hotel for the night. There was a small delay with the preparation of our apartment so with any luck we will be moving in and posting the next update from there tomorrow.


  1. Glad Snowball had a good trip! Noisy cats are the worst on long flights ;) Can't wait to hear about the food!

  2. Glad all 3 of you made it ok. Good luck getting settled in!

  3. Great photos of Snowball, World Traveler. She looks like a curious and adventurous cat. I am looking forward to hearing about your life in Shanghai.

  4. So proud of my little grand-kitten! What a good little traveler she has turned out to be.


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