Thursday, February 16, 2012


We've officially been in Shanghai for a week now, but due to some lease issues between the apartment complex and Matt's human resources office, we did not move into our apartment until Monday night. This meant that the week we had planned to use getting our apartment (and lives) in order was cut short by Matt returning to work. We hope to use this weekend to visit Ikea and make a large grocery run as well as set up a Chinese bank account and any other relocation related tasks. Having been in the hotel longer than we have been in the apartment, it does not feel like our home just yet. I imagine with time and once our air shipment of personal items arrives, it will begin to feel more comfortable.

Thankfully, the arrival of the most important member of our family has helped to add warmth to our apartment. As you saw in the photo from yesterday, Snowball came home from quarantine. Despite being very confused and cautious initially, she was mostly back to her snuggly self by last night. I have no doubt she will adjust just fine to life in Shanghai, though she does appear to be terrified our of maids.

This weekend, we are planning to attend a Shanghai orientation for new arrivals at the ex-pat community center. I am looking forward to meeting some other ex-pats as well as learning more about our new city.


  1. Yay! Glad you're finally in there and getting stuff settled. I can't wait to send you some mail!!!

  2. So what's the best food you've had so far?

  3. Best food? That's a hard question as we have had everything from vegan Chinese to authentic Italian. My favorite was probably the Chinese we had from the Yunnan province at the Lost Heaven. If you visit, I promise to take you there =)


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