Thursday, February 23, 2012

What we eat

I've been asked a number of times what we eat in Shanghai. Like any big city, we are able to find cuisine from Italian to Mexican to, obviously, Chinese when we go out to eat. And while it's not easy to find certain Western foods in the grocery store, we haven't had too much trouble obtaining what we need, even if it does involve visiting four different grocery stores on Sunday afternoon. Grocery shopping here is a bit of an experience, and I promise to post more about it soon.

Matthew and I cooked a fair amount of Asian inspired dishes before even relocating to China, so here is an example of what I whipped up the other night for dinner. While not Chinese, Laksa is at least Asian so I'm cooking for the right continent.

I used this recipe that I tagged on Pinterest a few weeks ago. It was simple and quick to make, which is important now that I have resumed the cooking duties. After three years of Matthew handling dinner, I'm a bit out of practice.

This weekend, we are attempting some homemade pizza, as plain cheese isn't common on most menus. King oyster pizza? Totally on the menu at Pizza Hut, but plain cheese was nowhere to be seen. Even the veggie pizza I ordered was a little odd with mushrooms, tomatoes, corn, and pineapple. I'm pretty sure pineapple was never a vegetable, so we are going to attempt our own pizza this weekend. We made it often in the US but we had measuring cups, a mixer, and a pizza stone. Our air shipment has not yet arrived with measuring cups, nor are we entirely sure what type of flour we bought. Wish us luck with the pizza and I'll keep you updated on what fills our tummies.


  1. That looks similar to Pho. What's the base of the broth? And that veggie pizza sounds delicious to me, although my Matt wouldn't like the mushrooms!

  2. The base of the soup is laksa paste and coconut milk. The Pho I have eaten usually has a chicken broth with added spices I believe.


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