Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things that make you go hmm...

Over the weekend, we checked out a restaurant supply store. I have no idea what Belie Clean is, but apparently it can impregnate your dishware.

We also found this insanely large pot. I have no idea who could possibly need a pot this large. Except perhaps a wicked witch who plans to boil children whole. I imagine they would fit nicely in here.


  1. If that's stainless, I totally need one of those. For real. Need a new brew pot.

    I'm guessing that's too large to pack in your carry on when you come back, huh?

  2. Yes it was stainless Matt. My Matt actually mentioned you and beer while looking at it. I just have no idea how we would get it back to you!!! It was really cheap as well.


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