Friday, April 6, 2012

Favorite Things: Street Food

Between Matthew and I, we have had three rounds of food poisoning in Shanghai. And thanks to our love of street food, most people assume that is where we got it from. Nope. For the record, the first was from airplane food, the second was from a local bakery, and the third time may have been from one of the best restaurants in the city. Don't let the fear of getting sick stand in the way of tasting some of the most amazing food in Shanghai.

Like this, the scallion pancake.

Our favorite morning snack comes from a local stand a few blocks from our apartment. The cook throws the fresh dough into simmering oil and the result is a flaky, savory pinwheel of greasy love. So head out into the streets and try some of the local fare. Although you may want to consider a hepatitis shot first, just in case.


  1. You've got the right idea! Keep eating new things! And enjoy some more of them for me. :)
    Miss you!

  2. Thanks Marcie! You would love the food here. Hope you had a nice holiday

  3. YUM!! That looks delicious! Sign me up for one...or two...or.....

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you took American stomach medication when you've been sick? Have you had to go to the hospital? I'm pretty scare of getting sick in China.

    1. At some point, you will get sick from something here (be it food or just the flu). I have been to an international hospital numerous times here, including when I had eColi, and was treated with imported pharmaceuticals. I do bring all my daily medications and OTC from the States as well.


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