Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beijing Street Food

You all know I love me some street food. You can find an array of delicacies from tasty noodles, to scorpion, tofu skewers, or even fresh soy milk. But in Beijing, I was the happy recipient of this bad boy.

And yes, I ate the whole thing.


  1. That's exactly what it is, Mom. First time I ate any in YEARS

  2. I hope you brushed your teeth after, missy!

  3. That is the biggest cotton candy I have ever seen! I'm quite jealous..Nice cat shirt btw ha ha!!!
    Miss you! I Love reading your blog everyday, it's a fantastic read!! I am glad you are embracing the new culture!

  4. Hey Corey-I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. I think about you all a lot. Hopefully I can swing into the new building for a visit this summer when I'm back in the US.


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