Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Naked Anniversary

Before you worry that this post should be rated NC-17, I assure you that the only naked thing I am going to talk about is the name of the resort we stayed at for our third wedding anniversary, the naked stables private reserve in Moganshan, China. The stables is an eco-friendly travel destination, which is soon to be Asia's first LEED platinum–certified resort. Despite the name, there is nothing nude about the resort. Except for the horses I suppose, but at least they have hair. 

We opted to stay in one of the earth huts, which are made of compressed soil and have an insane view of the surrounding valley and bamboo forest.

 The layers of soil making up the walls
Kikaboni, one of the restaurants at the resort
More Earth Huts

We spent three days in the woods yet  I wasn't exactly reminded of the camping trips my family took growing up. I'd call this resort camping, if such a thing even exists.


  1. That is so, so gorgeous! Oh, I want to be there right now!

  2. What a beautiful resort!! Wish I could visit, too!

  3. Everything is so beautiful. How many days untill you come home,we miss you..............

  4. This is just incredible!!


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