Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shanghai Calling

Last week marked the start of the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival. There was one movie that I was dying to check out, but sadly, so were a lot of other people and I was unable to score tickets. The movie, Shanghai Calling, is about an American expat in China. The movie looks cute enough but more than anything, I think it gives you an idea of what life is like here for Matthew and me. The noodle scene in the preview below? Totally happened to us. So take a little look at life here in Shanghai, and if nothing, enjoy the beautiful shots of our city.


  1. That looks really good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That does look good, I kind of want to see it!!

  3. I definitely want to see the movie. I am just hoping Matthew and you don't decide you want to stay in China longer, like the guy in the film!!


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