Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Ode to Sherpa's

In Shanghai, there is a magical business. It's name is Sherpa's and this company is single highhandedly keeping most expats from starving in Shanghai (and a few other cities in China).

What exactly is Sherpa's? Sherpa's is a takeout delivery service. You simply call Sherpa's (or go online) and give your order to an English speaking phone operator. The operator then calls the restaurant and orders your meal. Within 45 minutes, piping hot food is at your door, delivered by a friendly bike messenger. I know, I know. It doesn't sound that amazing or different than regular takeout. But consider these facts. I can order from a Chinese restaurant where there is no English menu and not a single person speaks English and actually get the correct food. I can have McDonald's delivered to my door. If Matt wants Thai and I want Indian, we can order from multiple restaurants and all the food will arrive at the same time. People, they will bring me beer and cigarettes! Okay, I have no need for cigarettes but if I did, they would deliver them to me.

All of this for a mere $2.40 delivery fee.

As if my love affair with Sherpa's wasn't intense enough, they went ahead and gave me $15 worth of food vouchers for submitting this picture of Snowball to a contest. Step one of turning my cat into an internet sensation is complete.


  1. This is as close as Mom will come to having a grandchild win a "cutest baby" contest.

  2. I think Snowball is already an Internet sensation. I googled "Snowball Shanghai cat" and Snowball (and your blog) was the first result.


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