Thursday, August 30, 2012

Liu Bolin

On a hot Saturday two weeks ago, Matthew and I ventured to Linqing Lu to check out the Liu Bolin exhibition at MD Gallery. Liu is known for his invisible man series, in which he paints himself to blend in with his surroundings.

The exhibit was quite striking, but unfortunately, the gallery was not air conditioned. Being that the temperatures were hovering around 100 degrees, we made a hasty exit in search of a cool breeze. As we wondered outside the building, we came across these two beautiful pieces by VHILS, a Portuguese street artist. VHILS utilized a technique in which he chiseled away the plaster on the side of the buildings to create these human faces.

These photos unfortunately do not show the texture and depth each of these murals had. As a big fan of street art, I was psyched to discover these jems in our city. I've even heard rumors of a Banksy painting on Moganshan Lu and hope to check it out soon. Just not in 100 degree heat.


  1. How totally cool!!!

  2. The Liu Bolin pieces are awesome! It took me a second to find him in the third picture.


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