Thursday, October 25, 2012

Xujiahui Park

Running in Shanghai can be a little bit like playing a real life game of Frogger.

Actually, crossing the street is more like playing Frogger. Running is like a game of Frogger where the grass isn't safe either as you also have to dodge slow moving people on the sidewalks who aren't afraid of throwing elbows. For me, running in Shanghai has become a contact sport.

Thankfully, our apartment is located close to the beautiful Xujiahui park, which has become my favorite running spot. While not huge in size, I can weave through the paths enough to cover two or three miles most mornings.

The park has a huge pond in the center, complete with swans, fish, and a few resident turtles.

And the best part about running in the park? Built in entertainment. Between the tai chi, ballroom dancing, parkour, and water calligraphy, I have plenty to keep me busy while I eke out my miles. Besides trying not to fall that is. Though I can't blame Shanghai for that issue.


  1. What a beautiful park! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. What a great view!

    I had no idea parkour was a real thing. But, then I didn't realize shitting in the street was a real thing. Or napping in Ikea.

    1. Parkour is huge here. They even have weekly meetings at the local climbing wall.


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