Monday, November 19, 2012

Street Eats: Jian Bing

My parents are currently visiting us in Shanghai and we have been having a blast showing them our beloved city. After a family run through the park, we hit up the street vendors for a quick breakfast. So what tasty treat did I share with my parents? Jian Bing or a Chinese pancake.

To make this Chinese breakfast staple, the cook ladles batter onto the hot griddle and allows it to form into a thin pancake. Then an egg is scrambled on top. A hint of garlic, some chili sauce, a generous scoop of bean sauce, and cilantro are added to the inside of the bing. Finally, a piece of fried dough is placed in the center for a little added crunch. The cook then rolls up the bing and cuts it in half as drool drips off your chin.

Jian bing was such a hit with my father that we visited the same vendor again the next day. I wonder how many more of them we will consume before their trip comes to an end?

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