Monday, February 4, 2013

Shanghai Eats: Xiāng Wèi Yuán

You guys, I ordered a fish head last week. Not an entire fish that happened to come with a head. Not a fish that used to have a head. No, I ordered an entree that was a fish head. I even did it on purpose!

And it was delicious.


For anyone interested, the dish above is a Hunan specialty called shuāng sè yú tóu wáng and consists of a fish head that is steamed in soy, ginger, and hot peppers. You then add noodles to the broth for a tongue numbing delight.

We rounded out the meal with some spicy eggplant and beans, shredded potato with peppers, as well as a bowl of sweet jiù niàng yuán zi (glutinous rice balls in fermented rice wine). 




My friends think I've been in China for too long.

If you want to try the delicious steamed fish head at Xiāng Wèi Yuán, head to 264 Wanping Nan Lu (near Xin Geng Lu, past Nandan Lu) in Xuhui.

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