Monday, March 25, 2013


I'm not a big fan of heights. Surprising, since I once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. But whenever friends come to visit, I find myself visiting a ridiculously tall high rise, all in the name of tourism.

Last week, my best friend and her husband came to visit. I've known B for over 20 years, since we first met doing awkward pirouettes in dance class (okay, I was the awkward one, B was graceful even back then). She and her husband were eager to see some Shanghai sights from up above so we headed to the ever popular observation decks at the Shanghai World Financial Center.

When the SWFC (affectionately known as the bottle opener) was built in 2007, it was the second tallest building in the world and the tallest in Mainland China.


We opted for passes which allowed us to visit floors 94, 97, and 100, because if you are going to spend money to scare yourself senseless, you might as well go all out.



This is the nervous smile of someone who wants their husband to just snap the darn photo already. Why? Because not only was I over 1500 feet high (457 meters), but there also happened to be glass under my feet. I've broken a few too many windows in my life to really trust the durability of a glass floor under the weight of this food loving gal.


So I mostly stayed on silver beams instead.


But my husband clearly had no problem with his future obituary reading, "Matthew tragically passed away after falling 100 floors to his death when the glass floor he was standing on collapsed".



  1. Replies
    1. I was clearly not a fan! I felt more brave by the time we left though and would at least sort of walk on it!

  2. We were just looking at this tonight. We're exciting...just a few more months

    1. There are a number of towers you can go up, this just happens to be the tallest in Shanghai (but only until the one next door is finished)

  3. Just looking at these pictures is making my stomach churn.

    1. I'm honestly shocked I didn't vomit to be honest

  4. I was just there last week. :) I used to live in Taiwan and now I live in Shanghai. :)

    1. Welcome to Shanghai and thanks for stopping by. The SWFC is certainly a top spot for newbies and visitors to Shanghai.


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