Monday, April 29, 2013

Flight Woes

Our flight to Chengdu was delayed. Considering panda viewing was at stake, I was less than amused. However, when we reached the two hour mark of waiting for our flight, the attendants announced that we would be receiving a free meal. Now, I know airport food tends to suck. But I still envisioned noodles, wontons, or perhaps even a nice fried rice. Chinese food isn't always fancy so surely they could throw together a little instant noodle cup for us, right?

We got this. Rice, buttered cabbage, mystery meat, and a cracked egg.


I think I'd rather starve.


  1. On our most recent flights, we got packaged pickled mushrooms and seaweed wrapped peanuts. I thought of your food poisoning story and passed. :)

    1. I will forever be wary of airplane food thanks to that experience!


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