Monday, April 1, 2013

Hong Kong: Stanley

We headed to Stanley, on the south east coast of Hong Kong Island, on our second day in Hong Kong. It was quickly clear that this area of Hong Kong was dripping with money and reminded me quite a bit of the California coast.


Our first stop of the day was Stanley Market. There was stall after stall of ornaments, pictures, artwork, and clothing including a selection of both Chinese goods as well as western brands at discount prices. I can understand the appeal of this market to many tourists, but I found the items to be much the same as I can find in Shanghai and we found ourselves walking through rather quickly.


Our next adventure was perhaps my favorite of the entire trip. As we rounded the corner, we suddenly heard the excited cries of children and promptly saw a heard of small schoolmates running towards us, limbs waving wildly.

They were students at a local school, working on a project about tourism in Hong Kong. They asked us questions about where we came from, how long we planned to visit, if we liked Hong Kong, and what our favorite attraction had been thus far.



We finished our interviews with the first group of children, only to be approached by another group seconds later. And then another. And another. And another. 


I debated hiding from the kids at this point, but then I would have missed out on amusing photos such as this one.



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