Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Backstreet's Back...in Shanghai!

So the Backstreet Boys came to Shanghai. And the 10 year old inside me squealed with delight at the memory of the poster I had carefully ripped out of an issue of Teen Beat and pasted to my bedroom ceiling.

My friend rounded up a few girls who had once dreamed of being Mrs. Carter and we embarked on a night full of nostalgia, with a little dancing and singing thrown in. Okay, maybe there was a lot of singing and dancing. Mostly from me.


For some reason, everyone at concerts in China inexplicably wear Minnie Mouse ears and wave neon glow sticks.


Truthfully, the concert was a lot of fun. The boys (men?) were full of energy and can still sing and dance pretty well. Plus, it was amusing to the watch the crowd of men and women go nuts with each song. A girl a few seats down from me began to full out sob when the Backstreet Boys came out. For a glimpse of the chaos, check out the video below.

I may not be Backstreet's biggest fan of all time (I can't actually tell you all of their names), however, I still had a great time singing along to songs that defined my middle school years. And then I bought a t-shirt. So maybe my fan status has been upgraded slightly. 

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