Thursday, June 27, 2013

Old City Wall

Thoughts of Shanghai often conjure up images of skyscrapers and rapidly changing modern landscapes. And while this is true, there are still pockets of Shanghai which reflect its storied past.


The Old City refers to the once ancient walled city area of Shanghai. During the era of foreign concessions, the Old City remained exclusively Chinese, and foreigners seldom ventured here.


The wall surrounding the Old City was constructed during the Ming Dynasty in 1553 to defend Shanghai against Japanese pirates. Following the course of today's Renmin Lu and Zhonghua Lu, the wall was 9 miles (14.5 km) long and 27 feet (8.1 m) high.


The majority of the wall was dismantled in 1912. All that remains today is 50 meter section of wall at the intersection of Dajing Lu and Renmin Lu. I'd recommend handing over the 5 rmb (about .81 US cents) and walking on this small restored section of Shanghai's history. The view of surrounding buildings reminds you how far this city has come. 


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