Friday, June 7, 2013

Shanghai Shoe Shopping

I have massive feet, even by US standards. So shoe shopping in China, where small feet were once so coveted that women had their feet bound, is no easy task for me.

Enter Feiyue.

Feiyue, pronounced fey (like Tina!) yu-eh, is a shoe company founded in Shanghai in 1959. Shortly after, it became the choice shoe for shaolin monks and kung fu masters. The simple canvas shoes are known for being durable and feature a light padded sole.


I scored a pair two weeks ago at Culture Matters on Dongping Lu for 60 rmb (or $9.80 USD). I probably would have bought them just because they happened to be my size. Thankfully, I also actually liked them. They are the perfect shoe for the massive amount of walking and biking I do around this fine city.


And apparently Orlando Bloom owns a pair. Not that I recommend doing everything Orlando Bloom does. His facial hair is usually rather questionable. But you should be safe following his shoe choice.

1 comment:

  1. They're cute(and cheap!). I wear a size 10 and I was told it's harder to find that size in Shanghai so I'll be sure to look for these. Thanks for the post :).


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