Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yangshuo: Impression Sanjie Liu

After a day of rafting and biking, we decided to spend a relaxing evening at one of the world's largest outdoor water theaters. Located on the Li River, the amphitheater is situated only a short distance from downtown and uses the towering karst mountains as the backdrop.

The show, Impression Sanjie Liu, is a light show set to the music from a movie of the same name and produced by Yimou Zang, the director of the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony. There are apparently seven chapters to the show though I can't honestly say I was able to pick them out. 

The show focuses on the lives of the people living around the Li river displaying their culture, music and dress. A staggering 600 actors perform in this show, most of whom are local fisherman.




Like many of the shows I have seen in China, it was cheesy and silly at times, but overall enjoyable. My guests did not speak any Chinese and were still able to understand the general themes of the show. While certainly an activity you could skip in Yangshuo, it was a fun way to spend the evening, surrounded by beautiful mountains. 

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