Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yangshuo: Yulong River Rafting

Our final morning in Yangshuo, we awoke to dark, threatening skies. Determined not to let the weather curtail our fun, we boarded bamboo rafts and drifted along the Yulong River. While the scenery was similar to our trip on the Yi River, this time, the humming motor of the boat was replaced by the languid stokes of an oarsman.



Unfortunately, it began to rain shortly after we left the safely of the shore.



At first, our rafts continued down the river. But as the rain increased in intensity, even our oarsmen had to seek refuge under the umbrellas.



We floated silently, listening to the sound of the rain slapping against the water around us. Under the protection of our umbrella, we relaxed and enjoyed the calm, and beautiful scenes surrounding us. After a short while, we were granted a reprieve from the rain and our oarsman returned to his position at the helm of the boat.



A peaceful ride down the Yulong was the perfect finale to a relaxing few days spent in Yangshuo.

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