Monday, July 1, 2013

30 Day Birthday

My friend Annie and her husband W recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy to their family. As W is Chinese, his family hosted a traditional 30 day birthday celebration for the newest member of their family. Matthew and I were honored to be a part of this special event.

(and yes, I put a sticker on the baby's head. He isn't ready for internet fame just yet)

According to Chinese customs, new mothers are expected to enter 30 days of confinement following the birth of their child. They are not allowed to shower, drink cold beverages, or go outside during this time in order to allow their bodies to heal. It's basically 30 days in their pajamas. Or how I spent last summer (but without the whole giving birth part).

After the confinement period ends, both the mother and baby make their grand entrance back to society on the 30th day of the baby's life. Family and friends are invited to the celebration and the baby receives gifts of food, money, gold, and silver. For centuries, China struggled with high infant mortality rates and the 30 day birthday became a celebration that the baby made it 30 days and was therefore much more likely to survive.

According to tradition, relatives and friends receive gifts from the child's parents at the celebration. The types of gifts vary, but eggs are usually chosen since they symbolize change in life. Their round shape also symbolizes a harmonious and happy life. Annie and W hooked us up with plastic eggs filled with chocolate. I think this is how I will prefer my eggs from now on.


We had a wonderful time meeting Annie and W's beautiful baby and partaking in a traditional Chinese celebration. Now if only I could convince my family that I need presents to make up for them skipping my 30 day celebration as a child! 

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  1. We are so honored you and M came to our celebration!!!! Thank you for the gifts and I just LOVE you!!! xoxoxo


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