Monday, July 8, 2013

Rub a dub dub

Whenever people visit, I like to take them for truly unique Chinese experiences. So their time here is usually filled with tasty noodles, Chinese gardens, and foot rubs.


A Chinese foot rub typically begins with you being seated on a foot stool while soaking your feet in hot water infused with tea and herbs. Sometimes they even give you pajama pants to wear. Especially if you happen to be wearing skinny jeans that cannot be rolled above your knee. While your feet are soaking, a petite masseuse kneads your shoulders and neck.


You then move to a comfy lounge chair where your feet are carefully dried and the masseuse rubs, kneads, pushes and massages pressure points on the bottom, top, and sides of the foot for the better part of an hour.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each part of the foot is connected to a part of the body. If you feel soreness in a particular part of your foot, it is believed the corresponding part of the body has a problem. If this is true, my entire body is falling apart.


I know what you are wondering. Do I actually like foot massages? And the answer is kind of. I've had some that were soft and left me feeling relaxed. I've had some in which my knuckles are white from gripping the arm chair. But after each one, I pad home on soles that feel as if they are walking on clouds. 

To have your feet kneaded, head to one of my favorite spots about town. Just make sure to learn the Chinese phrase for 'softer please' before you go.

Club Oasis
Address: 30 Donghu Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu
东湖路30号, 近淮海中路

Congen Massage Healthcare Club
Address: 3F Huafu City, 500 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Xietu Lu


  1. Oh, thank you! I LOVE massages...

  2. How much do they generally cost?

    1. You'll pay between 80-150 rmb depending on the quality and the skill level of the masseuse.


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