Monday, September 30, 2013

Street (ish) Eats: Henan Lamian

I was first introduced to Henan Lamian through Culinary Backstreets. As scallion oil noodles (cōng yóu bàn miàn) are one of my favorite Shanghainese specialties, I was happy to try out this street side restaurant.


There are two reasons this hole in the wall noodle joint is worth a visit. One, their cōng yóu bàn miàn is delicious. But the second and more important reason to come here is because their noodles are hand pulled (lāmiàn).


Hand pulled noodles are an art which many makers spends years perfecting. The noodle maker will first knead and stretch the dough and then pull it the length of his arms, over and over with small twists throughout. As the noodles becomes thinner, the maker will slap them against the counter to separate them into individual noodles. 


Cōng yóu bàn miàn are fairly simple and insanely delicious. To make the sauce, scallions are fried in oil until they are dark and crispy. Salt and soy sauce are then added and the sauce is complete. The oil is then mixed with your noodles for a delicious and cheap meal (bowls of noodles are only 6 rmb or .98 cents). I then like to add a little (okay, a lot) of black vinegar to mine.


I'd also recommend you add a side of qīngjiāofǔzhú or bamboo tofu. The crispy peppers and soft tofu are the perfect side dish to round out your meal. As there is no English menu available, make sure to practice the pronunciation of the dishes you want. Or point. Either one should work.

607 Changle Lu, near Donghu Lu

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