Thursday, October 31, 2013

Phuket: Phang Nga Bay Tour

Our second day in Thailand started early with a trip to Phang Nga Bay. We arranged our tour through Phuket Sail Tours, another company I will happily recommend to others. Even when one of the motors died on our speed boat, our guide was quick to alter our course and ensure we did not miss a single spot.

We were picked up at our hotel and arrived at the pier around 7:45 AM. Boarding our boat, we were fed donuts and other snacks as our guide went over our day's events.


Our first stop was the white sand beach of Krabi. We were itching to get into the water so we quickly donned snorkeling masks and paddled into the sea. The visibility was hindered by a rain storm which had come through earlier in the morning but we were still able to see tropical fish and enjoy the beautiful location.




After swimming until our toes were pruned, our next stop was cave canoeing around Hong Islang. We were met by our oarsmen who expertly navigated us through caves and under hanging rocks.




A quick stop by the iconic James Bond Island, where Man With The Golden Gun was shot, and then it was off to lunch. We headed to the fascinating Kho Panyi Fishing Village, a village of over 1,700 people built entirely over the water.



After exploring Kho Panyi, we boarded the boat again and were off. As we passed Kao Kee-un, known as Drawing Mountain, we saw 1,500 year old paintings of fish, dolphins, and monkeys.


Our last stop of the day was Phanak Island. Thanks to a low tide, we were easily able to walk into one of the caves. Hidden inside was a large lagoon known as Mangrove Hong. The area was covered with mangrove trees, fiddler crabs, and even a few frisky monkeys. I'm not a fan of monkeys so despite the photo, I was happy to keep my distance. They were rather active while we were there, if you get what I mean, so I apologize in advance that the last picture is a little NC-17.



We had a wonderful time exploring Phuket by boat and each family member voted it their favorite Thailand activity at the end of the week. Yes, I make all my guests rank their visits. Consider this your warning.

To book a tour to Phang Nga Bay, contact:
199/20 Moo 5, T. Srisoonthorn
A. Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand
Telephone from within Thailand: 087-8970-492; from outside of Thailand: +66-87897-0492


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  2. Snorkelers can expect to see huge schools of fish including snapper, fusilier, surgeon fish, rabbit fish, parrot fish and so much more.


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