Friday, November 29, 2013

Street Eats: Lillian Bakery

Chinese sweets often leave something to be desired. I've been offered dessert numerous times only to be disappointed when I am served a bowl of red bean paste. Good but not exactly the ice cream sundae I was hoping for.

Thankfully, one snack that never disappoints is an egg custard tart from Lillian Bakery.


A flaky crust filled with sweet, soft custard, these treats are the perfect afternoon snack. Or pre dinner appetizer. Or you know, a good idea anytime you happen to pass by the bakery.


My mother was so enthralled with these, we stopped three days in a row to try them. But at 4 rmb each (or $.66 USD), buying a box is never a regret.


Try out these delectable treats at one of many locations around town including:

868 Huaihai Zhong Lu

B1/F, New World Mall, 2-68 Nanjing Xi Lu

1688 Sichuan Bei Lu

1 comment:

  1. Lillian Cakes have surpassed cupcakes as my all-time favorite treat! I often find myself craving them, but alas, have found nothing comparable here in Pennsylvania.


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