Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shanghai Shopping: Spin Ceramics

Upon entering Spin, you may think you have stumbled into an art gallery rather than a retail shop. Founded in 2004, Spin features reasonably priced, contemporary Chinese ceramics. Many of the products draw inspirations from Chinese culture with new designs being introduced every few months. 


The pieces themselves are manufactured in Jingdezhen, the ancient porcelain capital of China with traditional techniques dated from Ming dynasty. 

Every time I visit this shop, I walk away with a few pieces and plans to come back and buy more. Some of my family members may even find a few things from Spin under their Christmas tree this year.

To visit Spin, head to:

360 Kangding Lu, near Shanxi Bei Lu
 康定路360号, 近陕西北路


  1. Hi Kristin and Mathew, Thanks for your informative post and lovely images. I have already many praising words about many tourist spots in Shanghai but never heard about this shopping spot of ceramic art. In my next trip to Shanghai in April 2014, I will definitely visit here. Shanghai silk mansion is also in my wish list. It is my first trip to Shanghi so I am too excited and nervous as well.

    1. Shanghai is a great city and very foreigner friendly. Feel free to send me a message if you have any specific questions.


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