Friday, January 24, 2014

Harbin: Snow Sculpture Art Exposition

Last weekend, Matthew and I ventured to Harbin for the Ice and Snow Festival. It was cold, beautiful, and one of the events I vowed to experience after we moved to China. The festival is made up of several exhibits. I'll feature them each individually over the next few posts, because frankly, I have too many photos for just one.

Our first afternoon in Harbin, we went to Sun Island for the Snow Sculpture Art Exposition. Here, we were greeted by beautiful snow sculptures. Each one was intricately carved and some of them were humongous in size.






One of the only photos where my face is actually showing (it was a balmy -25 F or -31.6 C)



We also climbed to the top of a snow castle. I think you can guess how we got back down.



This last sculpture was insane. I'm the tiny black dot in front of it, attempting to show you the sheer size of this bad boy.


I don't know about you, but this makes the snowmen I created growing up look downright pitiful.

Entrance tickets are 260 RMB per person. It was an additional 30 RMB (or 50 for two people) to ride the slide.

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  1. Wow! Those sculptures are incredible! Great post! Thank you for sharing! (PS Cortland, NY saw some -30s temps with wind chill this week. It has been crazy cold at times this winter.


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