Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Phuket Eats: The Pad Thai Shop

You guys, I totally messed up. I forgot to post about my absolute favorite meal in Thailand. But you'll forgive me if I tell you now, right? RIGHT?!?!?

Now that the groveling has been settled, let's get back to The Pad Thai Shop. Not only was the food at this road side stop ridiculously good, the bowls of pad thai were only a mere 50 baht each. That's $1.52 USD. We stuffed ourselves silly and spent under $8 for four people.


I'll be honest with you, this is not a fine dining establishment. It's a cheap, local dive that serves up authentic fare for low prices. There are no waiters or cloth napkins, just a friendly staff and self serve sodas in the coolers near the entrance.


The staff at the counter speak English and have an English menu available. Simply order at the counter and then pick up your food when it's ready. You pay at the end of your meal.


We sampled the pad thai and promptly ordered seconds. We also had the pad kee mao. While good, the shop's namesake dish is what stands out (I'd also ask for the flat noodles in this dish next time).


Finding The Pad Thai Shop can be a little tricky. It's located on Patak Road, just before the Baan Karon Resort on the way from Karon to Kata. Look for the hoardes of people if you happen to head there around lunch.

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  1. My favourite Pad Thai stall is somewhere tucked away in the house of a little old lady in Rawai. And it beats any other air-conditioned restaurant hands down! Sometimes you have to eat like the locals to really enjoy a good meal.


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