Monday, April 21, 2014

My Strange Addiction

I have a confession to make. I've been harboring a secret from all of you. Something that I have been too ashamed to share with you until now. My name is Kristin and I am an addict.

What kind of addiction do I have? Well, that's the shameful part.

It's to cat shirts.

I've hinted at my little habit in the past by posting photos such as this.

But now I'm coming clean about my issues with cat shirts. Buying them, wearing them, hoarding them. When I see a cat shirt on the street, my heart speeds up a little and my brow gets sweaty. I start to envision all the places I could wear that cat shirt. The adventures we could take together.


This problem with cat shirts started long before I came to Shanghai though. As a child, my mother happily gave in to my desire to be adorned in feline attire and I wore cat as my signature style.

My sister was no help with my dependency either. She not only enabled me and supported my decision to pick up this beauty from the Jason Wu for Target Collection shortly before we moved to China but she bought me a cat shirt for Christmas.

So I'm going cold turkey. I'm taking a stand. No more cat shirts.

But no one said anything about cat dresses.



  1. You too?! I was actually thinking about buying a cat shirt. haha

    1. You should do it. I fully support buying cat shirts.

  2. Funny - I can't have a cat at home due t my husbands allergy, so I buy cats of all kind - and I love it :)

    1. We have a furball in the house and still manage to pick up cat knick knacks from our travels. And I tend to end up feeding the strays wherever we go as well!

  3. Jaclyn would be SO proud :) I love your cat T-Shirt addiction!

  4. ...AND you look adorable in them, btw!!!

  5. I may or may not be wearing cat shoes right now. Apparently the addiction runs in the family!


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