Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year

Hey, remember me? I know it's been quiet around here for the past two months but I thought I would pop back in to wish you a happy New Year and recap the awesomeness that was 2014.

The winter in Shanghai is chilly, making it perfect hot pot weather. But Shanghai apparently wasn't cold enough so we traveled to Harbin for the Snow and Ice Festival, where temperatures dipped down to negative 30. Brrrrr. While the ice was the main attraction, we also enjoyed the Russian cathedral and eating ice cream.

Harbin - Ice and Snow World

February started with an ill fated trip to Cambodia. The month improved though with the Lantern Festival and a Bean Valentine auction.

Lantern Festival in Xujiahui Park #cny

In March, I indulged in a decadent brunch at Vue and shared my feelings about being a housewife. I also found out I was born to be an expat.


I came clean about my addiction, attended the Formula One race and participated in the Jinqiao 8k. The highlight of the month was when I volunteered to teach English in rural Henan Province and visited the hometown of my childhood hero, Mulan.

May is my favorite month since it's the annual celebration of my parents blessing the world with their youngest child (that would be me). I celebrated the demise of my twenties dressed as a giant cat and also indulged in lots of dumplings. But May also sucked this year because it marked the beginning of an exodus of expat friends from Shanghai. At least May had lots of pretty flowers. And a weekend in Hong Kong.


We spent a relaxing weekend in Moganshan with college friends where I realized I had become far too local and returned to America for a detox.

I was feeling a bit lazy from finally figuring out how to ride ride the bus, so I ran a Half Marathon in Inner Mongolia. Normal.


August was hot and busy. I'm sure I did something interesting but all I can remember is attending Shanghai Supper Club.

Tonight's special #shsupperclub #shanghaieats #fields

September was a month of travel with a hike up Huangshan, a weekend in Seoul, and a tour of Beijing with my sister.

I was a bad blogger this month but I did return to Cambodia. So there's that.

The moment I had been dreading arrived and we said our goodbye to Shanghai by running through it in the Shanghai International Half Marathon. Then we boarded a plane and left this crazy life behind.


December was a flurry of settling into our new house, new jobs, and new lives. It was a time to celebrate with family and friends but also a time to reflect back. Not only on 2014, but on the entire three years in China. For the first time in three years, I was stateside for New Year's Eve.

As we begin a new year, I'm excited for what is ahead, the next adventure we undertake. But I'm also sad that this piece of our journey is over. Looking back over the last year, I cannot fathom the things I have done and the places I have been. I can't imagine 2015 will top 2014, but the same could have been said for 2013 I suppose. Let's hope 2015 has a few surprises in store.


  1. Happy New Year! The journey is never over....there's always something to chase on the horizon.

  2. Came across your blog on Pinterest (while searching for Shanghai tips since I've just relocated here) and just spent the most delightful 30 minutes reading through your posts. Unfortunately for me it seems you're no longer writing! Just wanted to thank you very much for the nice time and to say I hope you and your husband are thriving in your new city!

    1. Hi Jacin! Sadly, yes, my blogging has fallen away. I still have tons to share but it doesn't seem all that relevant anymore. I loved Shanghai and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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